An event is an interaction that occurs on the web or in the mobile app. Events can tell us a variety of information about the customer’s actions. In particular, events that occur on a running website or app are very important because it allows you to track changes in customer’s actions.


Let me give you an example. A user visits your site and browses through several detailed product pages. After that the customer scrolls down and looks at the details of the product, but he’she hasn’t decided to add the item to the shopping cart or click the buy button.

In this case, what would an offline store do? If a customer is hesitant in a particular corner, an employee will approach them and ask if there is a product they are looking for, and recommend a product to encourage them to buy.

The same thing happens online. If you want to adapt to your customers' circumstances, you need to be able to understand their behavior. If you create an event that matches with customer’s need and send it to, can receive this information and talk to the customer at the right time to induce the next action. It acts like a retail associate in an online store.

Understanding customer behavior is key to business success. Use events on to optimize services and enhance customer experience.


Event Types

Create an event and send it to

What can I do with events?

Event Types

Events that are provided by default in with no development required.