<aside> đź’ˇ Chat Automation Rules Chat Automation rules are a powerful yet basic tool. It allows you to automatically process new user chats according to your preset settings. This feature drastically reduces the resources required for simple and repetitive tasks.



Most common automation examples

Chat automation rules settings


Most common automation examples

80% of work CS departments face are simple repetitive inquiries. Our Chat Automation Rules gives you the ability to handle such tasks easily and effectively, while providing a robust customer consultation experience.

Example 1

Customized Operator assignments and tags based on conversation contents

Identify customers with keyword search, assign operators automatically based on such keywords, and categorize those interactions through tags.

Refund Inquiries

Q: I applied for a refund but the purchase was not updated on my card

→ “Shipping/Refund” automatically sets the customer tag

→ Delivery inquiry “Automatically assigns delivery specialist”