<aside> đź’ˇ When an inquiry comes in, you don't have to struggle to find the person in charge. Now just assign a team. All members of the team will receive a notification, and members who can respond can start the chat quickly.




what is chat auto-assignment?

Step 1. Set up a team

Step 2. Assign a team to the chat

Step 3. Automatically assign an assignee


What is chat auto-assignment?

chat auto-assignment feature is that the chat is distributed according to the manager(assignee)’s ability. If you set the maximum number of auto-assignments, Channel.io automatically distributes chats according to the real-time response volume.

In order to find the most suitable person in charge, Channel.io approached it as a 'Team'rather than an individual. If you assign the team in charge that is most knowledgeable about customer’s inquiries, the system finds and automatically assigns one person in the team who can respond in real-time to engage with customer’s inquiries immediately.

The manager who handles chat consultations quickly will receive more chats, and new employees who need more time, they will be assigned to fewer chat consultations so that they can take their time in responding. This feature helps you to increase your work efficiency and save customer's time.